Monday, August 29, 2011

The Great Outdoors, Devils Lake Camping Trip

At least we fought away the bear... Well not really, but we did have an amazing time. The ANS camping trip was a huge success. With a total of 13 campers and a well put together camping experience, there was no sign of boredom. Our Vise President (Jacob Sager) did an amazing job setting up this social event.

We started off by enjoying the day on the lake with a group hiking trip. Everyone explored the beautiful West Bluff, then we came back to the beach for lunch. Afterward the group split up with some going fishing and others enjoying the water with a game of lake Frisbee. Then the group headed to the camp site where we set up the tents and played an plethora of Magic, dominoes and card games. As the sun went down a game of night Kung Fu began. Happily no one was lost in the chaos. With a huge supply of great camping food that included the ever important brats and smores, a heavy paced potato cook off then followed. All in all, the camping trip was an amazing success.

Now let's make the upcoming Pic-Nuke an amazing experience also!

Here are the pictures from the camping trip!
ANS Camping Trip

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