Sunday, December 27, 2015

Is there environmentalist support for nuclear energy?

Here are some prominent environmentalists who support nuclear energy:

John Williams, director of the of the Nelson Insitute's Center for Climatic Research and Professor of Geography at the UW-Madison.  Mr. Williams co-authored an opinion piece in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on December 4, 2015, which noted that  “With its well-educated labor force, strong manufacturing and engineering expertise, and geological stability, Wisconsin is well positioned in the US to develop and deploy the next generation of safe nuclear technology and lead the way on business-friendly and climate-safe energy solutions for the 21st century.”

Armond Cohen, executive director of the Clean Air Task Force, who started his career as an anti-nuclear environmental activist.  In the linked video Mr. Cohen explains why he has shifted from being an anti-nuclear activist to someone who now argues that we can't afford to dismiss nuclear power.

James Lovelock, developer of the Gaia hypothesis.

Barry Brook, sponsor of the Brave New Climate website (“Although many environmentalists consider nuclear power to be somehow anti-environment, it’s my firm belief that nuclear energy actually offers a viable low-carbon, low-impact alternative that cannot be matched by other low-carbon solutions.”)

Mark Lynas, former Greenpeace campaigner (UK), Author, The God Species - Saving the Planet in the Age of Humans, Six Degrees Could Change The World, High Tide-News From A Warming World, Why A Green Future Needs Nuclear Power. 

James Hansen, and other prominent scientists who study climate (see here).  Some of these same scientists authored an opinion piece in the Guardian on December 3 2015, titled Nuclear power paves the only viable path forward on climate change. The opinion piece was published as part of their efforts to focus attention on nuclear energy at the Paris conference on climate change.  They have repeatedly called on environmentalists who still maintain opposition to nuclear energy to change their position.

75 conservation scientists who signed an open letter in late 2014 asking institutional environmental organizations to reconsider nuclear energy.

George Monbiot, Guardian columnist, who changed his mind to become an active supporter of nuclear power after reviewing Fukushima, stating: “Atomic energy has just been subjected to one of the harshest of possible tests, and the impact on people and the planet has been small. The crisis at Fukushima has converted me to the cause of nuclear power.

Gwyneth Cravens, science writer, journalist, novelist and author of Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy.

Stewart Brand, author of the Whole Earth Catalog.

Jeffrey Sachs, economist, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, special advisor to the U.N. General Secretary.

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